What People Are Saying About Us

ELLEN EASTON HOWARD – Parkinson’s Support Group, Broomfield,Colorado
“I want to thank you again for a wonderful presentation this morning. So many favorable comments. You manage to shed light on a difficult subject with a little humor and so much great information.”

PARTICIPANT COMMENTS – 2 Day Staff Training Workshop on Advance Care Planning – Home Care and Hospice of the Valley, Glenwood Springs, Colorado
“Lots of impetus to read and research. Fantastic!”
“Very good! Fran knows her stuff and has great passion for it. Lots of good energy.”
“One of the most practical, inspirational, useful programs I’ve ever participated in. I leave knowing vastly more. Participated instead of attended. Great!”
“This was a very productive program. It has made me excited to be an advocate for Advance Care Planning.”
“Well done. Many things I’m anxious to incorporate in our presentations. Stories were amazing.”

RYSZARD M. AND KEN P. – Santa Fe, New Mexico
“Fran was an amazing friend and advocate to our mutual dear friends as they faced very difficult final chapters in their lives. Her knowledge of the systems and resources available and the ability to guide and assist them in difficult but necessary decisions that needed to be made was remarkable. Fran was able to relay important information to them and their families and friends with compassion, kindness and consideration. She was absolutely instrumental in arranging for proper palliative care and in making hospice arrangements. We don’t know what our friends would have done without Fran.”

DAVID W. – Arvada, Colorado
“My Dad’s illness and decline caught us off guard. Thanks to Fran, our family accepted hospice. This was a great gift to all of us. She worked us through the revisions to update all of the advance directives that had been done years before. We had conversations about end-of-life that brought focus to the previously avoided topics in our family. Dad’s passing was far less complex than it would have been. We were prepared, and we are ever grateful for Fran’s guidance.”

KENT D. – Lakewood, Colorado
“My wife battled colon cancer for nine long years, through multiple rounds of chemo, radiation, and surgeries, with hundreds of bizarre side effects, and with often insanely complicated medical terminology and options and complications, never mind insane bills and bureaucracies. Meanwhile, I had my own cancer. Thank goodness for Fran. She was there for us all the way to the end. If you find yourself in ‘the middle of it’, I have one suggestion: call Fran!”

PHYLLIS COLETTA, JD – Steamboat Springs, Colorado 
“The Center for Advance Care Planning fills a gaping hole in healthcare – agency for people who have no one to trust with medical decisions.  Fran Myers brings a wealth of knowledge, integrity, and experience to this role but most importantly it is her calling and so there is heart behind every client interaction. As a consultant in Advance Care Planning, I am immensely grateful for the service CACP provides.”
Website: PhyllisColetta.com

REBECCA HECKMAN, MBA – National Client Services – The Gift of Planning – TheGiftOfPlanning.com
“When Fran Myers spoke at the Denver Sales Pro meeting recently, I was very impressed. Fran is a captivating public speaker. As a Personal Advocate, she is well-informed about the her topic and knows how to highlight the important issues by using informative slides that help to keep the audience engaged. Most of all, Fran’s presentation was both professional and warm. Fran is an exceptional speaker who I highly recommend.”

CHRISTINE MEEK, Professional Toastmasters Club – Denver, Colorado
Fran is a dynamic and passionate speaker who is very knowledgeable. With her sense of humor and her ability to combine history and the future, topics like end-of-life planning become more accessible and easier to talk about. She gives tools and strategies on what to think about, how to have the appropriate documentation and how to accept loved ones decisions. After listening to Fran’s speech, I was able to have an open and non-threatening conversation with my parents about their wishes and fears. Fran gave me the courage and warmth to start this conversation and I’m forever grateful.

LORRI PARK, Facilitator, Unity of Boulder Senior Support Group – Boulder, Colorado
“Fran conveys extensive knowledge, diverse experience and serious commitment to transforming the ways we communicate and attend to the needs of those approaching their latter days.”

RUSSELL AGNEW, Founder, A&E Entertainment, LLC and Senior Project Manager, Pacific Northwest Solar
“When I saw Fran speak I was immediately impressed by her professionalism. Her expertise was apparent in her lessons and her energy and charisma made a tough topic much more ‘lite’. I would highly recommend Fran as a speaker, because of her I am now much more aware of the options in these tough decisions I may have to make.”

JILL LORENTZ, Owner, Summit Resilience Training and radio host of Dementia Resilience with Jill Lorentz
on Crusin 1430am – Denver, Colorado
“Fran is a dynamic speaker who is clear and concise in her delivery of this pertinent information, making it easy for listeners to comprehend. This is imperative, as end-of-life discussions can often be difficult for families to understand.”

LINDA HOLLOWAY, Co-Founder, Bessie’s Hope – Bringing Generations Together – Denver, Colorado
“Fran Myers is most knowledgeable in a topic we all need to hear. Her presentation yesterday for the East Senior Coalition was engaging, informative and entertaining. Fran’s quick wit and sense of humor are woven within her impressive presentation.”

SUSAN HANSON, BSW – Colorado Health Care Association
Fran’s passion for education regarding CPR and the MOST form was evident throughout her presentation to social workers in long term care.  We all left with a greater understanding of the history of CPR, current legislation, and our responsibilities regarding advance directives.

MICHAL DUFFY, Education and Program Manager – Out Boulder County
Thank you, Fran, for speaking with our community about end-of-life conversations, medical power of attorney considerations, and the importance of self-advocacy on these issues. Honest, frank information on these topics is not widely available, so your presentation was very valuable and enlightening. I feel good about being able to connect our community with this information and to normalize these conversations. I appreciate that you were able to talk about serious issues with levity and humor, thereby making them more accessible.

MARK PETERSON, Pastor – Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Denver, CO
As a pastor, I deal with life and death issues frequently.  I thought I was pretty knowledgeable when it came to end-of-life decisions.  We asked Fran to come to Bethlehem to better inform the members.  She did that, but she also taught me a great deal.  She is caring and honest and well informed.  I now see her as a resource that I can use in the future. Fran is a gift.

KENNA MANWARING, Broomfield Church of Latter Day Saints, Broomfield, CO
We have a congregation that is a mix of older people, people who have aging parents, and younger people. Fran did an amazing job reaching out to all those ages, helping us realize the need for planning ahead and how to start the process. She kept things from getting too heavy while being respectful of the aging process. Fran provided a lot of resources and information and did it in a way that wasn’t overwhelming. Thanks Fran! You are the best.




When it comes time for us to be called home, those of us in the know will pray that when we gaze down upon our last breath we will be grateful that our own doctors and families chose to do what they should instead of what they could, and with that we will close our eyes to familiar sounds in a familiar room, a fleeting smile and a final soft squeeze of a familiar hand.

Dr. Louis M. Profeta

Emergency Physician, Indianapolis, Indiana