Resources and Presentations of Emergency Medical Services

Ongoing Clinician Education for EMS

We provide educational tools and information for those in the emergency medical services industry. Professionals benefiting from our presentations include emergency responders, Primary Care Providers, social workers, skilled and assisted living administrators and staff. We create a bridge between the community and health care systems.

Presentations for Emergency Responders include:

  • What the Emergency Responder Needs to Know about Your Advance Directives

Presentations for Social Workers and Administrators include:

  • The Challenges of Advance Care Planning in your Facility


Some of our other presentation titles include:

  • Mortal Matters
  • The 911 Call for Life Threatening Emergencies
  • The Evolution of Life Support
  • Prolonging Life for Better or Worse
  • Who Are Your People?
  • Dementia and Advance Directives
  • MS and Advance Directives
  • Parkinson’s and Advance Directives


“I believe that my greatest responsibility to my patients as they face the end of life is to honor their wishes. I support their right to choose not to be resuscitated and don’t feel that my signature should be necessary for that right to be honored and respected.”


Karen Wyatt MD - Family Practice and Hospice Physician