Ongoing Community and Clinician Education

We provide education for the general public, faith communities, emergency responders, Primary Care Providers, senior organizations, in-home care companies, social workers, skilled and assisted living administrators and staff. We create a bridge between the community and health care systems.

Some of our presentation titles include:

  • Mortal Matters
  • The 911 Call for Life Threatening Emergencies
  • The Evolution of Life Support
  • Prolonging Life for Better or Worse
  • Who Are Your People?
  • Dementia and Advance Directives
  • MS and Advance Directives
  • Parkinson’s and Advance Directives

Presentation for Emergency Responders includes:

  • What the Emergency Responder Needs to Know about Your Advance Directives

  • EMS Resources – CLICK HERE

Presentation for Social Workers and Administrators includes:

  • The Challenges of Advance Care Planning in your Facility

Your Wishes Are Our Wish For You

The Center for Advance Care Planning assists you in documenting Advance Directives so medical choices in end of life care are made by the most important party – You.

We will work with individuals, couples, families or friends to assure that advance care planning wishes and values are understood. Thorough discussions now will help you discover your goals, wishes, and fears.

The Center for Advance Care Planning will assure thorough Advance Directive documentation and distribution to all appropriate parties.


“Fran was an amazing friend and advocate to our mutual dear friends as they faced very difficult final chapters in their lives. Her knowledge of the systems and resources available and the ability to guide and assist them in difficult but necessary decisions that needed to be made was remarkable …” – READ MORE


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