EMS Resources

EMS Resources

State of Colorado CPR and EMS Resources

CPR Statute Code of Regs-Dept of Health – CLICK HERE
File Name: CPR-Statute-Code-of-Regs-Dept-of-Health.pdf

CPR Dept of Health Regulations – CLICK HERE
File Name: CPR-Dept-of-Health-Regs.pdf

EMS Denver Metro Protocols (Prior to 2019) – CLICK HERE
FIle Name: EMS-Denver-Protocols-(Prior-to-2019).pdf

EMS Denver Metro Protocols 2019 – CLICK HERE
File Name: EMS-Denver-Protocols-2019.pdf

Reference: Seattle EMS Protocol Overview

Seattle EMS Protocols – CLICK HERE
File Name: Seattle-EMS-Protocols.pdf

Seattle EMT Interview, NPR (National Public Radio) – CLICK HERE
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Position Papers on End-of-Life Decisions

“Withholding Resuscitation: A New Approach to Prehospital End-of-Life Decisions” – CLICK HERE
File Name: Seattle-Paper-withholding-resusitation.pdf
Source: Annals of Internal Medicine, May 206, Volume 144 – Number 9, p 634 – annals.org

“I know you love me. Now let me die” – CLICK HERE
File Name: Louis-Profeta-editorial.pdf
Source: Blog Post by Dr. Louis M. Profeta
Dr. Louis M. Profeta is an emergency physician practicing in Indianapolis. He is the author of the critically acclaimed book, “The Patient in Room Nine Says He’s God.”

“Long-Term Outcomes Among Elderly Survivors of Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest” – CLICK HERE
File Name: JAHA-Out-of-Hospital-CPR-Long-Term-Survival.pdf
Source: Journal of the American Heart Association, March 16, 2016 – jaha.ahajournals.org

Services from The Center for Advance Care Planning

Consulting Services for Agencies
The Center for Advance Care Planning is available to consult on next steps and implementation for your agency.
Email Fran Myers for details – CLICK HERE

Educational Presentation for Agencies dealing with Advance Care Directives 
Our presentations for agencies update professionals on the significant changes regarding newly adopted regulations on withholding of CPR under specific circumstances.
Email Fran Myers for details – CLICK HERE

Advance Directives Resources

Advance Directives Portfolio
The Center for Advance Care Planning offers instructions and complete advance directive forms in an easy to use and convenient portfolio. Self contained and concise, it can be taken to the ER, Urgent Care or other healthcare facility. First responders needing your most pertinent emergency information have it right at hand in this simple tool kit – CLICK HERE

“I believe that my greatest responsibility to my patients as they face the end of life is to honor their wishes. I support their right to choose not to be resuscitated and don’t feel that my signature should be necessary for that right to be honored and respected.”

Honoring End-of-Life Wishes

KAREN WYATT, MD - Family Practice and Hospice Physician